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Neo-Tribal Stag Antler dagger

Neo-tribal dagger, 5" blade of high layer count, all high-carbon pattern-welded steel, all natural grip materials with unique deer antler grip secured with traditional cutler's resin made from natural pine resin and beeswax. Bronze pin ensures the assembly stays secure.

200.00 Cdn


Celtic Leaf-bladed short sword

 Classic leaf-bladed iron age sword with 135 layer pattern-welded blade of 1084 and L6 steel in a bold pool and eye pattern, hardened and tempered to just under 55Rc. Fittings are forged iron with walnut grip, assembly is traditionally peened. Blade length is 18". Comes with plain, heavy duty undyed leather scabbard which can the owner can customise with engraving or colours as they might wish in the future, blade can be sharpened on request.


450 Cdn. plus shipping

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