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Do you make athames/pagan ritual tools?
I have been on a friendly basis with the neo-pagan community for over 30 years and have no issues with making athames or other ritual tools such as ritual swords/bolines. That being said, I will not make anything with a Satanic theme. Nor will I do anything connected with Nazis, neo or otherwise, even to the point of blade restoration, or other hate groups.


What types of steel do you use?

Depends on the project, but I like to use straight 10-series steel or 5160 spring steel for bigger blades (Bowies, swords, etc.) For pattern-welding I like 1080 or 1084 high carbon steel laminated with either L6 or 15N20 nickel tool steel. I do not use mild steel or pure nickel in my damascus.

Do you use stainless?

Most stainless alloys do not forge really well, and have heat-treat requirements which are beyond my personal shop setup. So, no, not at this time.

What is the largest blade you make?

The largest blade I can harden properly with my setup is about 36" blade length.

Do you do custom orders and how do you price them?

Yes, I make custom orders with the proviso that I take a third deposit up front. Non- damascus (pattern-welded) blades run around $20.00 CAD per blade inch, including sheath. Things like file-work, fullers (blood grooves, so-called), and special grip materials will increase the work time and hence price. Damascus blades will run about 30 to 35 CAD per blade inch.

Do you make copies of specific movie or television series swords?

Emphatically, no. Hollywierd keeps lawyers on retainer to look out for that sword of thing. (Sorry, I had to.) Fortunately, Hollywierd has gotten generally better at having characters use relatively accurate historical sword types, which are what I like to specialize in making, rather than have their main characters carry around stuff that looks like someone had gotten an insane foundry operator to make a casting.

How do you accept payment?

I accept e-transfer (within Canada), postal money order or bank draft, or personal cheque. Personal cheques need 5 business days for clearing.

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